Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review


Setting a high standard for competition among e-book readers is Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. In terms of readability, convenience and content access, it is no doubt that Paperwhite is a sure favorite.

As to readability: E-ink, improves readability by reducing glare and improving contrast.

From its name, Paperwhite signifies the e-Reader’s unique e-ink screen. As compared to the grayscale default, which eBook readers commonly have, the 212 pixels per inch are great on a white screen. Because of this, the text is easier to read and more closely replicates paper books.

Readability is also improved by the screen resolution and the touchscreen capability. With this, the Kindle paper white has a front-lit touchscreen. There are LED lights along the edge of the display which shine down onto the digital page. This is a unique feature of Paper white since other eBook readers and tablets are lighted from the back of the screen. This feature won’t tire your eyes even when reading in the dark.

The display likewise exhibits increased readability in any environment. It is noteworthy that you can comfortably read with the Paperwhite in bright sunlight without any glare. This is indeed an advantage when it comes to readability.

It has Page Flip, which allows you to skim page-by-page, scan by chapter or even skip to the end for a sneak peak without losing your place.

As to convenience and portability, Paperwhite rates high. The best e-Readers should be compact and lightweight so that it can be taken conveniently wherever you want. For this, Paperwhite is a thin reader weighing 7 ounces; you can conveniently bring it with you. It has a rubber casing which makes it more comfortable and easier to hold. To protect the device, covers are helpful. It’s nice to know that Paperwhite has a variety of covers to choose from.


Convenience and portability are complimented by its long battery life. It is an impressive feature of Paperwhite that its battery life further adds to its portability. It has an eight-week battery life so you won’t be tethered to an outlet with this device.

Going now to Access, it is helpful if your e-Reader has automatic syncing capability. Speaking of the impressive quality of this Paperwhite e-Reader, it also has great additional features and reading- specific apps built into the e-Reader. Paper white offers automatic syncing across all of your devices.

Paperwhite connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. When online, the Whispersync feature of Paperwhite will download purchases and upload bookmarks. You also have an option to avail of a free 3G data if access outside your home network is needed. There is also an ad-free version of the Paperwhite.

There are many good points to know about the Paperwhite. However, if you are looking for an E-Reader to which you can also play audio books, then Paper white is the device for you, since it lacks support for audiobooks so you will need another device to play sound. Since it has no headphone jack, listening to audiobooks is not one of its features.

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