Amazon Kindle Review


Designed as a dedicated E-Reader, Amazon Kindle has gotten good feedback from customers. Over all it is a solid E-Reader although there are some factors that might still needs to be improved.

In general, the Kindle is a good e-ink based reader with Wi-Fi. It offers access to the best in its class e-book ecosystem of Amazon in a simple, clean-looking package. Its memory has been doubled to 4GB. The processor is a bit zippier, too.

Kindle not only reads like a book but even goes beyond a book. Its Touch screen display reads like real paper, no screen glare, even in bright sunlight. Its e-ink display is really awesome.

Undoubtedly, the key selling point of this new Kindle is its touchscreen functionality since this is the first basic Kindle model with a touchscreen. The advantage of this is evident because you no longer need to use awkward arrow buttons for navigating in between books or across keys on the onscreen keyboard, with its touchscreen feature, now, you can just tap it.

This great feature has made reading a more pleasant experience. It’s presented as a standard Kindle size with 6 inches. It is slightly smaller than most physical books but it is large enough to easily read from it.

It is very useful for reading journals and your favorite novels, thus no need to bring heavy books with you. The fact that the Kindle can hold a large library in its small package is definitely a big plus.


However there are some points wherein Amazon Kindle needs improvement. It is noted that its battery life is less than other Kindle products and devices, thus it is less than ideal if you need a reader which has an excellent battery life.

Also, Kindle’s accessory such as the charger and the case are extra costs. To think that these are considered important when using Kindle, it would be better to have it integrated in the package and not as separate products.

The adjustability of its brightness is also an area of improvement. There is no built in light as well, so if you are one of those who tend to read in bed, you cannot do so without using a reading light. Since reading light is necessary, it may be more proper that it has a built-in reading light as a default in this model.

Storage and capacity is another issue. Kindle does not have a micro SD slot, which leaves you with no choice but to use the built in storage; though it was improved by increasing the storage capacity to 4GB. For your other books which the storage capacity could not contain, the option that you have is to use Amazon’s cloud storage. Accessing it, you need to first store your books locally.

As mentioned above, that the key selling point of this Kindle is its touchscreen, it may seem that it is the only good point that it has, since it increases Kindle’s readability.

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