Amazon Kindle Voyage Review


There are so many great things to love with the Voyage. It is worth every penny spent on getting one.

Voyage is 6.4” x 4.5” x 0.30” in size; and the wi-fi version of this product is 6.3 ounces. It is smaller and lighter than other e-book reader so it is nice and comfortable when held in hand. Also, I could carry it more conveniently wherever I need it. It can fit it even on my coat pockets.

But of course its value is more than its size and weight. There are more excellent features that Voyage can offer.

Voyage’s page turn buttons are great, making it much easier to turn pages. It requires little effort to turn pages; just a little squeeze and you are on to the next page. This pressure-sensitive page turn sensors is one of the most significant new hardware feature of the Voyage. You can find the Page Press sensors on the side of the bezel. This makes it easier even when reading one-handed. You’ll get a tactile response that the page turn button was pressed through a tiny vibration or a haptic feedback. This haptic feedback is adjustable from low, to medium or high.


On the other hand, if touchscreen controls is your preference, the Page Press sensors can be turned off so that you won’t accidentally flip pages.

Another nice feature of Voyage is its Auto Brightness. Voyage has a light sensor in the top left corner that is supposed to detect ambient light levels and adjust the brightness to suit the current ambient lighting. Voyage’s ability of adapting with lighting depending on the surrounding is great. This feature can be turned off and you may adjust the brightness manually. The Nightlight feature is available, if you are reading in the dark. This feature can be used in gradually reducing the screen brightness over time to allow your eyes to adjust. The Voyage’s display, like other Kindles is readable outdoors even in bright sunlight.

As for Voyage’s Screen Resolution, I must say that it is excellent. The page is whiter and so the print is darker and crisper. I can read even without using my glasses or contacts. The text gives the effect that it’s part of the glass and not printed beneath. I feel like I’m reading the words on the surface like written on a piece of paper.

The flat front of Voyage is nice. The texture of the glass is smooth. Voyage’s seamless integration of bezel and screen is awesome.

From its size, Page Press feature to Auto Brightness feature, what nice thing can I still say about Voyage? The Origami cover is worth mentioning!

The origami cover opens by flipping over the top like a notepad. It makes it more convenient to hold the Voyage when the cover is open. The idea of origami cover is great, making it stand vertically or horizontally; so even if you are laying down while reading, it is still comfortable.

With these great features, Voyage really deserves a 5-star.

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