Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight Review


The Nook Glow Light is an excellent e-Reader to consider for a book lover like you. Barnes & Noble’s 6-inch e-ink e-Reader has the same shape as the earlier Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. Its off-white housing has a rubberized gray trim around its border. You could have a good grip on the device because of the silicone rim; it also aims to protect the device in the event that you drop it.

As a whole, the device has been trimmed down from the previous GlowLight model. It was reduced from 6.95 ounces to 6.2 ounces (175g).

On the other hand, because of the off-white housing it can pick up some grime from your hands and it would be really challenging to make sure it stays looking clean. It can appear dirty very quickly. The touch-screen is very responsive.

Among its great features are the All-New GlowLight, Lightweight, Battery life, High Resolution e-Ink Display, Built-in Wi-Fi, 4 GB Memory, Micro-USB connector and Support for many File Types.

The main feature Barnes & Noble is banking on for the Glowlight is the all-new Glow Light which is brighter and more evenly dispersed light. It turns on and off instantly. Its brightness can be adjusted with just a touch.

It is very lightweight, a good point, since most of you, would like their e-Reader to be easily portable wherever you go. Talking about its size, this is a little short and bulky but comfortable to hold.


With its extra-long battery life which allows you to read up to 8 weeks on a single charge, you will surely finish whatever it is that you are reading. It also includes a rechargeable battery and could be charged through USB from a computer. It’s charging time is approximately 4 hours.

On its readability, the resolution of 1,024 x 758 pixels, 212 ppi is an excellent feature. It has built-in, anti-glare screen film for easy reading, even in bright sun. Its text sizes and font styles are adjustable. It has six stunning fonts which are optimized exclusively for Nook. It is a combined art of monotype with the latest technology, ensuring each character is fine-tuned to be as sharp as on the printed page. It has a 6-inch touchscreen with infrared touch technology and e-Ink Pearl Display.

Glow Light allows you to enjoy crisper text with 60% more pixels on the most advanced e-Reader. Reading indoors and even outdoors is easier than ever because of the no-glare screen and higher resolution.

Because it is capable of being connected through Wi-Fi, you can download books instantly. And its memory of 4GB can hold up to 2,000 books, which gives you the opportunity to really have a variety of books to choose from. You can read eBooks whether it is in e-Pub or PDF Format because of its Dynamic Supported File Types.

It also features Borrow and Share Books for Free. You can borrow books from your local library and its Lend me feature makes it easier to share your most favorite books with other Nook users.

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