Kobo Glo Review


It is probably not a name that one would readily recognize when it comes to the choices for E-Readers. But Kobo Glo is also worth your consideration as your E-reader of choice.

Kobo Glo is WiFi enabled E-Reader. It has an impressive front-lit, high resolution e-ink display with a touch-screen. It allows additional memory as it has expansion slot for SD cards. It supports E-Pub files and compatible with any e-book store that uses the Adobe DRM format.

Taking a look at Kobo Glo’s readability, its screen illuminates a soft, adjustable glow allowing you to read eBook any time of the day under the perfect light. It is proven to be the most effective 6-inch front-lit E-Reader.

Carrying Kobo’s proprietary Comfort Light, this device uniformly distributes ambient light across the screen. It shows no irregular blemishes or bright spots, thus, it is completely readable in any environment.

Whenever you like it, even in the middle of the night, you can use this device. With its revolutionary no-glare Comfort Light technology, the light is directed at the page and not to your eyes. Comfort Light is also adjustable. With this feature, it will help you prevent eye strain. At the top of the device, the power button and the dedicated button for the light could be found.

Kobo Glo’s high resolution Pearl E-Ink screen has a high contrast ratio that renders ultra-sharp text. On the other hand, Kobo Glo might probably have a minor issue as to readability because it’s a little too bright for the lowest setting. This might bother some people.

Considering its portability because of its small and lightweight design, the Kobo Glo is perfect for long reading sessions at home or wherever you may want to read.

The integration of the Wi-Fi allows you to connect to any wireless network to download new books.


Looking at its design, it has an attractive frame available in different colors. For its internal capacity approximately 1,000 book titles can be stored. It also offers an expandable memory up to 32GB for those who want to keep an extensive library.

A couple of ports are available in Kobo Glo; there is a Micro-USB connection at the bottom of the device for charging and transferring files and a Micro-SD expansion slot on the left side.

It does not have an audio option as well as it has no headphone jack, thus, you cannot listen to an audio book using this device.

On the other hand, one of the factors that is not so good for the Kobo is this product’s battery life. The battery of Kobo Glo is estimated to last only a month, assuming 30 minutes use each day. Though you of course have the option to recharge, its battery life is indeed much shorter than other e-reader in the market.

Compared to other e-readers, it lags behind other online bookstores. It does not have an e-book lending option or a lending library.

Considering what factor might be more important to you, Kobo Glo could still be your choice.

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