The 5 Best Electronic Book Readers of 2015

It is 2015 a new generation of e-readers is entering the market. Here are some top picks for you to consider.

Kindle Voyage: Best Over All


The Voyage is the best e-reader Amazon has to offer. It is a touchscreen device with the best resolution and contrast to date. It has improved built-in lighting, a flush glass front and dedicated page-turn buttons.

However it’s a marginal upgrade over the Kindle Paperwhite despite a major increase in the price tag. Worse, the case isn’t part of the initial purchase. It seems Amazon is imitating Apple in charging for every little component of their signature merchandise.

Nevertheless the Kindle Voyage is Amazon’s best e-reader ever to come out. A bit pricey but then again what do you expect for the undisputed King of the Hill in e-readers.

Barnes & Noble Nook Glow Light: Best e-Ink reader that is also add free


The Nook Glowlight is the second generation of what is already a recognized name in e-readers. It is lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite which it competes with. Improvements to its lighting scheme, sharper text, and other enhancements like the elimination of page flashing was done to make it even better than the competition. 4GB of generous internal memory and a silicone rubber ring around the frame round out the perks of this unit.

However it lacks an expansion slot and page-turn buttons which the previous models had. The device is responsive but Barnes & Noble would have ideally equipped it with a faster processor. Also the white finish means grime from your hands will show rather quickly.

At the end of the day, the Glowlight is an excellent e-reader which is worth considering for hipsters who aren’t sold on the Kindle universe. Oh I forgot to mention the Barnes & Noble ecosystem is ad-free.

Best Overall Value: Amazon Kindle PaperWhite


The Paperwhite is not a spring chicken. It came out in late 2013. However it is still a touch screen device with a better integrated light that is brighter and whiter and displays more evenly across the screen. Pages also refresh less frequently (less flashing). A smattering of new features enhance Amazon’s already best-in-class content ecosystem.

Despite its age, which is obvious when compared to devices that came out more recently. The Paperwhite is still the best value. After all since it came out a years ago it is sold at an affordable price when compared to the more recent arrivals.

Amazon Kindle: Gets you Started


If one is just looking to get started on the e-Reader habit then the Amazon Kindle represents the best value. It is cheaper than any other model out there so if you later decide to abandon the habit at least your wallet won’t be screaming.

However those are already in the niche might find it disappointing. It lacks the freshness and excitement of the Kindle Voyage and it does not have a touch-screen. Over all its not a bad product just keep in mind that it’s a starter kit. It is nice and inexpensive to introduce the hobby to you.

Surprise Entry: Kobo Glo


The Kobo Glo is designed to compete with the Barnes & Noble staple Nook. The Glo gets its name from the Glowlight. In the same way that the Paperwhite was called such because it was an attempt to mimic the look and feel of real paper, the Kobo Glo has an integrated light called a Comfort Light.

The Glo is priced at $129.99 online. It also features a 1,024×768-pixel-resolution, 6-inch e-ink display that Kobo says makes text and images appear crisper. It is also touch screen. So really the Glo is an alternative for hipsters who don’t want the Nook or Kindle.

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