Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review


Setting a high standard for competition among e-book readers is Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. In terms of readability, convenience and content access, it is no doubt that Paperwhite is a sure favorite.

As to readability: E-ink, improves readability by reducing glare and improving contrast.

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Amazon Kindle Voyage Review


There are so many great things to love with the Voyage. It is worth every penny spent on getting one.

Voyage is 6.4” x 4.5” x 0.30” in size; and the wi-fi version of this product is 6.3 ounces. It is smaller and lighter than other e-book reader so it is nice and comfortable when held in hand. Also, I could carry it more conveniently wherever I need it. It can fit it even on my coat pockets.

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The 5 Best Electronic Book Readers of 2015

It is 2015 a new generation of e-readers is entering the market. Here are some top picks for you to consider.

Kindle Voyage: Best Over All


The Voyage is the best e-reader Amazon has to offer. It is a touchscreen device with the best resolution and contrast to date. It has improved built-in lighting, a flush glass front and dedicated page-turn buttons.

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The Best Online Bookstore


Gone are the days when the eBook reader market was cornered by Amazon. Before Amazon had a virtual monopoly since it was the only product on the market. Even when other readers came out Amazon made sure it could control the market by making many authors sign exclusive contracts with them.

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